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A milestone to be proud of.

Today is a significant milestone for us.

We have broken ground with a priority stakeholder and will soon be embarking on a project that's one of a kind, unique and sustainable.

Although we planned to introduce the project as part of our CSR, leveraging on the profit sharing from our flagship Janasuria initiative, it appears that the demand for the project has tipped the scales towards its realisation much earlier than we anticipated.

We partnered with Adeante Corp last year because we believed in their vision and commitment to positive and sustainable change. Today, their brainchild and proprietary concept Datanam has been accepted and approved as a pre-retirement skills training for retiring officers.

We are proud to be part of their journey towards developing the domestic food supply chain and this is just the beginning. Already their efforts are drawing interest from investors both locally and from abroad.

We believe they are on the cusp of unprecedented success and we will do all we can to support and assist them to secure that future, which is rightfully theirs. It is inspiring to work with young men who are visionaries in their own right. Their drive and motivation is fuel for us to do better, improving our methods and processes day by day in preparation of that sustainable future we are all invested in.

We pray the Almighty will grace their endeavours and open doors of opportunities to match their determination and will to succeed.

Take care and stay safe. We are entering the endemic phase but it's no excuse to be resting on our laurels and assuming the worst is over. Self-discipline and compliance to the SOP is still paramount to prevent a return to the harrowing days just earlier this year.

We're all in this together and Covid-19 is here to stay at least in the foreseeable future. Let's all do our part and protect our loved ones first and foremost.


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