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Creating a true synergy for our clients

Synergy: the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word synergia from synergos, which means "working together"... or at least that's according to Wikipedia.

For us, synergy means having the best resources working at optimal conditions to fulfil a cause or objective that is beneficial in its application and even beyond that, where it creates the right or required ecosystem for a business/initiative to flourish. It's a strong word and has stronger connotations and we do not use it lightly. We do not choose our clients, we prefer them to choose us because we come with lofty ideals and aspirations to build and grow something larger than the business itself... hopefully into a legacy for future generations to emulate, something that will inspire them to go out there and do better.

We are truly honoured to have YBhg Dato' Zainul Abidin bin Taib and YBhg Dato' Zubaidah binti Ismail join AGS as our Senior Advisors. They are both senior civil servants, having carved out their own niche and reputation whilst serving in Royal Malaysia Customs (RMC) and Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) respectively. But what makes them truly special is their deeply inherent sense of integrity and dedication to their corps and service, which has made them stand out among their peers even post-retirement. At the height of their respective careers, both our Senior Advisors boldly led the RMC and RMP towards greater effectiveness and efficiency in its core businesses, and helped mould the policies that are the bedrock of customs and policing as we know it today.

We cannot over-emphasise their role and impact on AGS and our business operations. Their experience and wide-ranging know-how on RMC and RMP will immeasurably boost our capabilities and furnish our clients with invaluable guidance and advice on governmental and regulatory affairs - our bread and butter, as it may be. To be frank, AGS did not start out intending to be an advisory/consultative agency, but perhaps the lack of seasoned practitioners thrust us into the limelight yet again, and I say this with only the best intentions. It is a formidable path for any firm/agency to take and without the right fundamentals, it is extremely easy to lose direction, which inevitably leads to loss of reputation and respect - the two most vital characteristics for any sustainable business.

And that is why we started our venture by building the synergy first and foremost. That is why we are confident to offer our specialist services as it is to our esteemed clients. And now we've made our services more relevant to the booming gig economy, where policy and/or taxation will either cause joy or distress to established global/regional merchants and the ever-increasing scores of hopeful entrepreneurs out there - and we hope that AGS will be YOUR beacon through the oncoming fog of uncertainty. (Yes, I'm aware my writing style is a tad old fashioned.)

Thank you yet again for taking the time to read my humble blog-post, and as always... Godbless and Godspeed to all.

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