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Pedal to the metal

What makes Advance Global Synergy different from other consulting firms? Why choose us when there's a slew of local and international firms just waiting for the next client to walk in through their doors? Good question. And it's one my partners and I constantly ask each other.

Why indeed; what sets us apart from, let's say McKinsey & Co, or Deloitte. Well for one, if walking through fire is any benchmark, then we're definitely up there among the best. Each of us have encountered the worst side any industry has to offer, after putting our heart and soul into our jobs, only to be made the scape goats for our employer's failures and shortcomings. But it's not all doom and gloom, if all that didn't happen to us back then, we wouldn't be where we are today. And like it or not, we discovered our true strength and calling due to the adversity and challenges we faced, individually and collectively.

Those who know us personally are aware of what actually transpired and the particular MNC that brought about this new direction in our lives. But I'm not about to cry over spilt milk and there's a pleasant twist to the story: we're grateful for the "game" we fell victim to. It taught us just about how low a billion Ringgit company, a multi-national no less, would stoop just to save it's bottom line. And, it's made look both ways before crossing any street.

This realisation has surprisingly put us in good stead with the same government agencies that we were at one time struggling against. Royal Malaysia Customs, the Tobacco Control Unit within the Ministry of Health, and a multitude of other agencies that were beyond our reach at one time, are now reaching out to us for advice and guidance. Because they appreciate and value our honesty, sincerity and above all, integrity.

Here's a question back at you, dear reader: Do you think we're responsible for the sorry state the domestic tobacco industry now finds itself? Well... There's no smoke without fire, as the saying goes. But no, we are not the cause, not directly at least. Even though we would have more reason than most to do something about it. But I would ask you to also read our consultative white paper (just scroll down to Consultative Papers section in our website and you can download the paper for free) and come up with your own deductions.

So, back to the matter at hand: Why choose Advance Global Synergy? Because we understand how frustrating it can get dealing with the government and we know what it's like to try and move a mountain one stone at a time. We've spent countless hours building our engagement platform with the government and we want to be the leverage you're looking for.

We want to share our wealth of experience and expertise to help your business achieve the heights of your ambition, and we have the know-how and network to make that a reality, where the government is concerned.

So pedal to the metal as it may be, we're ready to help you, if you're ready to take your business to the next level. And, most importantly, we do it for the right reason: for YOU.

Thank you for taking the time you read my humble blog. Godbless and Godspeed to all.

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