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Selamat menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke-64 ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡พ ๐ŸŽ‰

Although celebrations were muted down this year, I trust everyone is feeling pangs of patriotism as we proudly march into our 65th year of democratic nationhood. We have been brought to our knees by the Covid-19 pandemic, much like most of the world. Our resolve and preparedness were tested and many are still fighting to get back on their feet.

But night is always darkest before dawn, and hopefully we are seeing a new dawn breaking over the horizon of our beloved country.

Let us all come together and pray for our wellbeing and safety in the war against Covid-19, together there's nothing we cannot achieve. Sehati sejiwa, kita boleh menempuhi segalanya.

We are most grateful for the sacrifices made by our brave frontliners on daily basis, they have truly put our country and the rakyat first in their mind and they toil tirelessly to keep our healthcare system from collapsing. We will never forget your sacrifices and the duty you so nobly discharged in the face of such dire circumstances.

As we approach the 58th Malaysia Day on 16th Sept, let us all remember that this nation was built on the backs of our forefathers, who also fought tirelessly to wrest this country away from colonialists and then from the threat of communists. Let us honor their sacrifices as well, for without them, we would not have the country we call home today. Tanah tumpahnya darahku, indeed.

Let us set aside the differences of race and religion and reflect on how we are all brothers and sisters and our unity and compassion will pave the way for Malaysia's peace and prosperity. A lethal virus has shown us that it is colourblind, and it united the whole world with one singular mission: everyone must be protected, or nobody is protected.

I think the same applies here for us, in every possible aspect. We must unite and come together as one, or we will never achieve our true potential.

Selamat Maju Jaya, Malaysia. Dirgahayu Tanahair Ku.

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